Easter Recap

Yesterday was a milestone moment for Centerpoint. We had an incredible gathering from start to finish, with nearly 50 people and several new faces in the mix. We shared communion for the first time and the results were moving and powerful. It was a night full of relection and celebration and a night I believe will be looked back at for years to come as a defining moment in the history of Centerpoint.

Yesterday morning I jumped on my Twitter and saw Mark Batterson of National Community Church tweeting his reflections of their first Easter Service 13 years ago. They had 43 people which seems like very little for a church that now has 5 campuses and over several thousand in weekly attendance.

It was a great reminder to me that church planting, like life, is one big journey. To see where we have come even since January is humbling to me when I really stop and think about it. We’ve had new commitments, we’ve seen people connecting at Centerpoint who weren’t connected anywhere else. We’ve seen people catch the vision and give of their time and money because of it. Most importantly, we’ve seen life-change and thats what this thing is really all about.

This helps me see how much God has done in such a short time and also reminds me He still has so much more He wants to do. Last night was amazing but it’s only a small part of an adventerous and ever changing journey.



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