Character vs. Innovation

Often times in the church world I think we got to caught up in the next unique idea or method for communicating the gospel. Even if you don’t know me personally you can probably see from my blog that I am a big fan of creativity and innovation when it comes to “doing church”. I actually think it is necessary to  re-learn and re-invite the methods we use to communicate the gospel but I also think, if were not careful, the method can become more important than the message.

This month has been a time of tremendous spiritual growth for me personally and for the community of Centerpoint. We have been exploring the true character of Jesus. We have removed Him from our proverbial boxes and examined what He was really all about. How He lived His life, what He taught and what He came to earth to do. When you cut out the fluff and just look at Jesus for what He truly was, you cannot help but feel challenged.

This time studying Jesus has reminded me that when it comes to teaching the gospel no new tactic or method will ever replace the radical, revolutionary message of Jesus. Innovation and creativity can absolutely enhance the message but they can never out power it. Rather than looking for the next great idea maybe we should simply look at the man who lived His life as an example for us all. Something tells me that if we focus on Jesus first, the rest will follow.


During this series I have read two books which I highly recommend. I have included links to both so you can check them out if your interested: Your God is too Small by J.B. Phillips & REJESUS by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch


One thought on “Character vs. Innovation

  1. Tim Rolfe says:

    Very true and I agree…. The methods we use to “connect” with folks need to be relevant and “open-minded”. But the “message” of Jesus…. He IS relevant. That’s amazing, it’s never ceased being relevant. Nice blog.

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