I was paid one of the biggest compliments in my young life earlier this week when a friend, who I greatly respect, said he appreciated my ability to  change course and move in a different direction when necessary. He was referencing some specific items that had seemed like a great idea initially but hadn’t panned out like we thought. As a result we redirected.

I think it was easy for me to do this because I have put leaders and people in my life, including my friend, who recognize change as a normal and inevitable part of any successful business or organization. These same people aren’t afraid  to take risks and try new things nor do they wallow in defeat when the results are less than expected.

Why do I tell you this? Because the compliment my friend paid me made helped me realize that my ability to redirect and move through change has little to do with me and much to do with the people I have surrounded myself with. Its a great reminder to us all that the company we keep has a bigger influence on us than we might think. Surrounding yourself with quality people will often equal positive results. Those positive results frequently come by having the ability to redirect when necessary and still have the support of the company you keep.



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