Sometimes we just need to stop praying. That’s right, I said it and if you want some clarification on my statement you need to keep reading.

My brother shared a story with me several months ago that I have been unable to get out of my mind. He was attending an outreach meeting and at that meeting there was a discussion about a local effort to go into a lower income area of town and simply do good for those in need. One of the people at that meeting made the statement that before they did anything they should “pray about it first.” My brothers response: Pray about what?

We often over spiritualize, over analyze and over think the most basic decisions all for the sake of making sure we hear the voice of God. The voice of God on many of the issues we want to “pray about first”  has already been heard through scripture. When it comes to helping people in need I see  little that asks us to pray about it first but I see plenty that calls us to act immediately.

I believe that by following Christ and asking His spirit to guide me each and every day I have the ability to make many decisions without praying about them first. God opens doors and He shuts doors and I hear His voice through my prayers but I also see  His character through my actions of love and kindness. Prayer is important but some of us need to pray a little less and do a little more because the voice of God has already been heard.



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