If you think about it we all have constant noise in our life and I am actually a fan of noise. I love talking, listening, watching and I truly have a hard time functioning without noise. From iPhones to Skype, and DVR’s to iPods our lives are constantly filled with noise. Seriously, try right now to stop and just be silent and see how long it takes before that silence is broken. Even when we are quiet the rest of the world is moving, and moving loudly.

Since this past fall I have used my time traveling to and from the office everyday to turn off the noise and pray. Even so, I am still talking so the question then becomes when am I listening?  We see in scripture that early into His ministry God leads Jesus into the desert (Matt. Ch. 4) Why the desert many of us ask? Because it was away from all the noise, all the distraction, a place to be silent.

Earlier this week I read an article in my Relevant Magazine that inspired me to add a new practice to my daily routine; silence. So what does my vowel of silence consist of?  Its simple, 5 minutes of silence a day 7x a week. That’s over 2hrs. of silence every month. A time to focus, a time to center, and a time to listen to a Voice many of us have forgotten we can hear. This will not be an easy task for me to complete but I have no doubt that it is a necessary one, which I must add to my life.



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