Meet Dave

Sunday night after finishing a message about servanthood I was approached by a rather interesting gentleman by the name of Dave. Dave, seemed a little down and out and was clearly intoxicated. He was also quite a bit older than Centerpoints typical attendee so he almost instantly stood out to me. At first, Dave came across slightly abrasive but rather than asking him to leave I felt compelled to start a conversation with Dave.

Early into our conversation Dave began weeping and for the next hour he continued to weep as he poured out his soul to me. Dave was broken and at the end of the his ropes looking for anyone who could offer him hope. Attending church on and off his whole life Dave knew what he needed to do to turn things around but he needed some encouragement to actually do it.

By the end of the night, Dave had recommitted his life to Christ and after praying with him Johnny and I took him to a grocery store and bought him so food. It seemed almost ironic that such a situation would present itself after I had just finished a passionate teaching on servanthood but after all, this is often how God works.

This situation made we wonder how many Dave’s have come across my life but for whatever reason I am too busy to notice them. There are other times, when I probably have noticed them but have been too busy to care. I have prayed all week that God will send more Dave’s into my life but sending me Dave’s means nothing to God if I don’t respond and show them His love.

This situation made me realize that only when we see people for who they can be, rather than who they are will the world truly see change. This is the message of the Christ and it’s the message His followers must learn to carry out.



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