A year ago today my father, Eric VanBuskirk, passed away after his third and final bout with cancer. So much has happened since that moment and yet, in many ways, it seems as if it only happened yesterday. My dad was such a large part of my life that I often wonder how I function some weeks without him. I often wish we could share another conversation, enjoy one last coffee, go to one more Reds game, or just share one final moment.

It may sound like I’m living with regret but I’m not. I think when you lose someone close to you there is always more you wanted to say, more you wish you could have done but that’s just life. Rather than regret I wake up every morning, especially today, filled with hope. Hope that because of our mutual faith in Christ, a faith my father lived out before me, that we will one day have the chance to share yet another moment.

I believe it is only through Christ we can have this hope and I believe it is only through Christ that death can be seen as life. Today, and everyday, I find comfort in that hope.



One thought on “Hope.

  1. Bob Speakman says:

    I cannot imagine what its like to lose someone so close.

    However, I can imagine that “one more” of any of those experiences still wouldn’t be enough. You’d always want one more… and then one more.

    I’ll remember you and your family in my prayers today.

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