Lots of Snow & HOTSEX

It has been an interesting week in Chillicothe, OH. As many of you living in this lovely state know, the snow started on Tuesday and didn’t really end until last night. That has meant nearly a full week of working from home and I must admit that I have greatly enjoyed waking up and staying in my sweat pants all day 🙂 

Despite the weather there was still plenty to do as we Centerpoint eared up for our second series and likely the most controversial one to date. Our topic for the next 4-weeks at Centerpoint is sex. Not just regular sex but HOTSEX.

Sex and the church don’t always mix that well and that’s very sad to me. I fully believe God created and loves sex and wants to enjoy it.

The issue with sex today is that one cannot fully understand the creation until they first understand the Creator. That’s what this series is all about. During this series it is our hope that people will leave with a more holistic view of both their sexuality and their spirituality. After all, these two things (sexuality/spirituality) go together like a glove and a ball but most people just don’t realize that.  



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