Button: More About Life than Fantasy

The Curios Case of Benjamin Button is a film primarily about three things: life, love and death. The premise: a man who, by some strange circumstance, ages in reverse. The premise of the film is utterly implausible and yet I quickly c found myself captured by the characters in the film, feeling every emotion as if I were living out the movie myself.

The artistic aspect of the film alone makes it worth watching if you appreciate such things. The special effects, although never overdone, are some of the most convincing I have ever seen and the attention to detail is as accurate as one can find in movies today.

As with any piece of entertainment it has its good and bad moments but I found the underlying message of this film to be profoundly spiritual and inspiring. Benjamin’s character is unique and yet it is through his uniqueness we see how much we are all truly alike. No matter how different a person might seem, we all live, we all love and we all die.    

Through Benjamin’s character we learn that we must always live our life to the fullest and be thankful for each moment we are given. We are also reminded that meaningful and loving relationships are truly the most valuable things we have here on earth. As a follower of Christ these are things many of us should already know and yet Benjamin Button reminds us of these things in a new and unexpected way. 



One thought on “Button: More About Life than Fantasy

  1. mattkysor says:

    Finished watching Benjamin Button last night and must admit we enjoyed it. There definitely was a message of diversity within the movie – certainly at the end I was trying to find ways to incorporate the final 30 seconds into something at CP. Very good.

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