What’s The Point?

The topics and questions you see above are ones people from all walks of life are asking everyday. All of these issues apply to our faith and yet, with a church culture that is largely broken, many choose to look towards other places and people to find answers to life’s most complex issues.  

On Monday Dec. 8th Centerpoint launched their first major advertising campaign with these specific issues in mind. By directing people to a web-site: www.whatsthepointohio.com we hope to tackle the problems and  questions of our culture head on.

As a follower of Christ I believe Jesus offers hope and answers to all of the situations we find ourself in however, if I assume people realize this rather than engaging their specific thoughts, I will likely fail to connect with them in a true and authentic way. 

Everything we do at Centerpoint is about getting people to uncross their arms so they can see and hear what the true message of Christ is all about. I would ask for your prayers and support as this ad campaign continues through the end of January. Pray that God will use it to connect with the unChurched and deChurched we are trying to reach and pray they see His love and His hope in all that we do at Centerpoint.



2 thoughts on “What’s The Point?

  1. Jeremy Gross says:

    What has been the reaction to the website? How much activity have you had thus far? Can you track how many people who visit the first page continue to the last?

  2. Jeremy,

    The reaction has been fairly strong considering last week was the first week any of the advertising went public. This week will be the first full week where all mediums are in full effect so we will have a better gauge on Monday for what kind of response were actually getting.

    A large percentage of the people visiting the WTP web-site are clicking through to the last page and some of those individuals are also clicking out of the WTP site to visit CP’s web-page, which is also something we had hoped for.

    Hope this answers your questions and thanks for your interest. Please continue to keep thsi campaign in your prayers.


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