MVP Recap

Wow!  What a way to end our previews! The vibe was great, the crowd was nice, the conversation genuine and quite honestly everything just seemed to go right.  After some of the situations and hurdles we have faced over the past couple of weeks it was clear that God used Sunday to remind us that regardless of what people try to throw at us God has a vision to accomplish through Centerpoint and no one can stop it as long as we remain focused and committed.  

As is our hope each time we gather, many of the people in attendance are currently outside the church. We had people there who we knew and had personally invited, and we also had several there who we did not yet know and who we did not personally invite. This was encouraging to us because it seemed to be a clear indicator that other people who have attended are talking about Centerpoint and inviting people to visit something they seem to feel is genuine and authentic. Best of all people are giving us a chance and hopefully finding hope and love in the process.  

We spent the night vision casting and communicating exactly what it is God has called us here to do and what Centerpoint will look like both now and in the future. People seemed engaged, connected and excited for what was happening and it was clear by the conversation, action and even financial support that many of those in attendance were energized and ready to help with the future of CP.

We thank you for your prayers and support and couldn’t be more exited about the future of Centerpoint!  



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