We’ve all had those moment, moments when something we’ve known and accepted for a long period of time suddenly smacks us square between the eyes and we see it like we never have before.  In those moments I often find myself re-examining something I was positive I already lived and abided by.

I had one of those moments today as I was doing message prep for our final Preview Service this weekend. The focus of our final Preview Service is to communicate the Mission, Vision and Purpose of Centerpoint and as I was typing my outline I made the point that Christianity requires action. Although I could use a wide variety of references I chose to focus on Jesus last words to His followers in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) as He commanded them to “GO and make disciples. All the sudden I realized what a loaded challenge that truly was and I begin to question if I was truly living this out on a regular basis in my own life.  

I find all to often that I can be content to simply pray and wait rather than pray and act. Faith requires both of these things but I think sometimes I have been praying and waiting simply because its easier for me to do.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort for me to have regular conversations with God, I enjoy it and do it on a regular, consistent basis.  I began to realize though that I’m often asking “for” instead of “what” from God. God I need you “for” this rather than God “what” can I do today for you?

We must learn to be proactive as Christians and act when we see good that can be done. Our world is hurting and dying and somethings are so fundamental to the faith that we don’t need to pray and wait because Jesus has already told us to go and do. At the core of the message of Christ we cannot ignore that Christianity truly requires Action and only through action can we make disciples.   



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