Hello Again

Realizing I hadn’t blogged since last Wednesday I decided last night I would start of the week with a weekend recap.  I made the mistake of visiting Matt’s blog first and realized he had done the same thing. This normally wouldn’t be a problem but considering we were pretty much together Wednesday – Sunday much of the info was the same. Oh well – we have different friends so here it goes!  

Thursday: Had  full day packed with great info and quality conversations at Catalyst One Day.  Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel unpacked a great deal of info on how to get and keep organizational momentum and Matt and I took a lot away for Centerpoint.  This is hard to condense into a few bullet point but here are the top 5 things I took away from the conference.  

1) Constantly evaluate everything you are doing as an organization and always allow for improvement.  

2) The quality of the programs you offer matter much more than the quantity

3) Organizational momentum cannot happen without first gaining family and spiritual momentum.  

4) Get rid of the old couch! Everything you do must go back to your vision. If it doesn’t enhance it cut it off.

5) There is no one-size fits all formula for organizational management. Every good organization has systems in place but systems should always be unique to the people and leaders that run the organization.

Friday: Enjoyed a great day off with Kristyn and Aubri.  We lounged around most of the morning and then brought out the Christmas decorations.  We had been in the decorating mood for a while and it felt good to get the ball moving. We closed out the night by making some Buckeyes for our party on Saturday.  

Saturday:  FOOTBALL!  Woke up ready to watch the Bucks slaughter that team from up North and I was not disappointed as the Buckeyes walked away with a 42-7 victory!  With a little help from some other teams and the chaotic BCS the Bucks might just still end up with a nice bowl game.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  After an afternoon full of football Kristyn and I capped off our indoor Christmas decorating by putting up the tree.  Aubri was fascinated with the process and thoroughly enjoyed trying to help daddy with the lights 🙂 Now for the outside…

Sunday: Kristyn and I went with Matt and Amber to visit Apex Community Church just outside of Dayton. We saw a passionate, relevant church full of young adults craving and seemingly receiving authenticity.  The building was an old church which we assume, based on the apparent renovation needs, they recently purchased. It wasn’t the most creative space but we were reminded that the coolest building in the world will never make up for authentic community inside. After spending the morning with Matt and Amber we went back for more and watched the AMA’s together Sunday night.  After complaining about not getting the right award last year, the always entertaining Kanye West, decided to give one of his awards away to Lil Wayne this year who he thought was more deserving.  Oh the hilarity.

And that my friends is a recap of what you missed since Wednesday in the life of Christopher VanBuskirk. 



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