Three Down – One to go!

It seems like a couple of weeks ago we were staying up late on a Saturday night in early Sept. getting ready for our first Preview Service the following night.  Although it feels like a couple weeks its actually been two months now and we only have one more Preview before we go weekly in January.  

My good friend and fellow CP visionary, Matt Kysor, spoke this week and dealt with the challenging subject of politics.  It was a great teaching and one you can download from iTunes by visiting the media section of our web-site at

As a Leadership Team we are continually reminded that what we are doing is highly stressful, highly motivating and highly rewarding.  It’s incredible to realize that we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves. God has given us a vision to connect with a group of people far from the church and although its not the easiest thing it requires faith and trust in God that can’t often not be explained in earthly terms.

Daily we are learning to listen, trust and obey.  Its starting small but we all know were on the verge of something big if we stay focused on God.  



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