Historic Moment

Regardless of who you voted for yesterday the 2008 Presidential Election will go down as one of the most historic moments in American politics and I am thankful I got to be a part of it.  An African American not only won the White House but did so convincingly making a statement to the world about how far America has come in regards to racism and bigotry.

Are we perfect?  Of course not, and we will never be, but after many debates and discussions on this issue in the past it is now clear that racism is found in the minority of Americans rather than the majority. So many years ago Abraham Lincoln fought to end slavery and years after that Martin Luther King Jr. called for the equality of people from all races.  Even fifty years ago it would have been hard to prove or even argue that racism existed in the minority but today is a new day and a hopeful day for everyone who calls this country home.

Last night President Obama asked us to “believe” not just in his ability to bring about change but to believe in our own ability to do the same.  As America and as the church we must unite and come together to support this president and our country.  Supporting someone in this context doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything they believe or do but rather that we unite as one country, as one people, and as one church and help bring about the change this world so desperately needs.  

It’s not just about the President, it’s not jut about Washington its about us, you and me, putting aside our differences and doing whatever we can do to make the world a better place and show Christ’s love. If your placing your hope in politics you will always be gravely disappointed but if you place your hope in God, show His love to the world and pray for our leaders it is only then we can and will experience real change.



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