Questions without Answers

To me one of the great tragedies of modern Christianity is that we are often afraid to question for the fear that we will either a) change our established views or b) be forced to admit we don’t have the answers to all of life’s complex issues.  

I know many of you will instantly find a problem with statement b) by claiming that salvation in Christ is our answer to all of life’s complex issues but I find a distinct difference between finding hope and finding answers.  Salvation offers hope.  

When my father passed away earlier this year, after struggling with his third bout of cancer, I was forced to ask why?  It didn’t make sense that he would die especially when people around the globe were praying for him 24/7.  Why? I also wrestle with why  so many people are dying from famine, war and poverty and yet so little is being done by others, even within many churches, to help them. Why?  In a world plagued by broken relationships and divorce I am disillusioned with why so many people seem to forget that love is the hardest thing to find and yet is also the easiest thing to lose. Why?

As followers of Christ I feel we often forget that faith is the biggest component of our commitment.  We must understand that we don’t have all the answers and that we will never be able to comprehend everything that happens in this life.  If we could solve all of life’s greatest issues on our own why would we need faith?  The answer is that we wouldn’t and then Christianity would become no different than any other world religion.

Over the past couple of years, and especially after my father passed away, I have been learning  to find comfort in the questions and I am beginning to truly understand why only Jesus offers eternal hope to fill the void in my life. I have found peace in the unknown simply knowing that there is a plan and someone much bigger than me holding everything together. I believe it is in life greatest mysteries that we have the opportunity to see God shinning the brightest but only when we stop looking for the answers and find comfort in the questions.



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