Many of you who read this blog likely read my last post entitled “God’s Political Christians”.  As you will recall, within the first paragraph of that post I referenced an “anti-Obama” prayer meeting that was scheduled to happen in my community last night at one of the areas larger churches.  I should point out that I would have attended this gathering myself if it had not been for a perviously scheduled meeting.  I had several friends and family members that did attend and based on their accounts it is clear to me that the prayer meeting was in no way focused on praying Obama away from the White House.  

I now realize the e-mail I received regarding this prayer meeting was from a disgruntled individual who did not speak for the host church, its pastor, or even the majority of the people that attended the meeting and for this I apologize.  Although the e-mail seemed official I should have done some more fact checking to ensure its accuracy.  

I think it is important to realize that my original post WAS NOT focused on bashing or tearing down a local church or its pastor and people.  If that would have been my purpose I would have named names and left phone numbers for you to call them with your complaints.  It WAS my purpose to point out our need as followers of Christ to stop bickering over the little things, like politics, and come together in prayer to support our country, its people and its leaders regardless of if their policies align perfectly with ours.  

Throughout the course of this election I have heard many people inside Christian circles tear down Obama spreading malicious and even racist rumors about the type of individual he is and what he wants to do if elected President.  I usually stay “publicly quiet” in regards to politics but after reading the e-mail I received about the rally I felt I had to speak out.  

Although I may have altered some of the information in my post after now knowing the facts, the content of the post would not change.  As this church and prayer group did last night we must come together for the common cause of creating and praying for good in the world around  us regardless of our political views.  It is only when we put our focus on the big things that we will truly see the world change.  Politics will never fix all of our problems.



One thought on “-Clarification-

  1. Matt Kysor says:


    Thanks for clarifying the issue. Your reaction and response to the heart of the email was correct and we all agree that praying against Obama in a rally like that would have been biblically incorrect. Your clarification and apology on missing the facts further shows your heart was correctly motivated and that in no way do you aim for division among local churches. I fully understand and have gained an even greater respect for your heart for the churches to beat as one so that we be the body of Christ. To do that, we need each other. Thanks once more for being a sincere & genuine follower of Christ and a Pastor willing to speak on issues and admit it when a mistake is made.

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