Churched, by Matthew Paul Turner, is an insightful, behind the scenes look at Matthews’s rather rigorous upbringing in a fundamentalist Baptist Church. Through humor, wit and honesty the reader gets a glimpse into Matthews insightful journey towards God. If you were raised, or are currently part of a church you will either fully understand Matthew’s background or be thankful your church was nothing like his ☺ If you grew up, or are currently outside the church you might be glad you’ve stayed away while also thinking all the rumors you’ve heard are true ☺

Regardless of you’re past history or present situation with the church each turn of the page will bring laughter and smiles. Matthew leaves little to the imagination as he reflects on detailed accounts of his upbringing. From stories about getting a haircut for Jesus, to boobs in Ben-Hur and even eating Jesus cookies, there is nothing politically correct about Chuched and that’s what makes it so great!

Along with Matthew’s humor comes many sincere and honest moments where Matthew openly discusses how his past view of God and the church affected his faith later in life and how he has slowly but surely worked through many of these issues. In these moments the reader can clearly understand the profound impact church has on those who attend and also gives a clearer understanding of why it so important to make sure we show the love of Christ in all situations and at all costs. Failure to do so pushes people away from the faith and leaves them wondering what relevance and place the church has in their life.

From torched Barbie’s to boxing infused “joygasms” Churched is one of the most humorous and honest memoirs I have ever read. Turner finds a way to deal with a variety of serious issues in a humorous and satirical way that I believe both people in and out of church can relate to on some level. Whether for the author, his humor or the topic, this book is a must read and I’m sure you will not be disappointed when you add Churched to your collection.



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