Life Change

This past Sunday night we had our Second Preview Service and already I find myself wanting to start weekly gatherings even though I know we still have tons to improve on!  Again, I was so thankful for the volunteers who stepped up to help us out.  For a church without a full community yet its awesome to see how willing people have been to jump in and serve the needs of CP.  

As for the night itself, it was almost a totally different crowd from the PS #1 which I suppose is to be expected when your a new church plant.  Although, the topic was a serious one, we kept things pretty light and humorous which people seemed to really enjoy and connect with.  At the very end I summarized by communicating how God’s love for His creation goes beyond anything any of us have ever done or could ever do.  As I spoke of this love I saw it connecting and sinking in with several members of the audience.  It was at this moment I remembered what this thing is truly all about; life change.    

It was a humbling experience to wake up on Monday morning and realize that the vision of CP is well under way.  God has given us an awesome responsibility to carry out His dream and make faith and church relevant again to an generation of people who think they’ve seen and heard it all before.  He is sending us people who have been disinterested or burnt by the church and it is our responsibility to show them the love, hope and peace they’ve been looking for through Christ.  Life change…how humbling and how awesome!


One thought on “Life Change

  1. Matt says:

    Seriously did we go another week w/out pictures?

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