Blogs & Controversy

Some people hate blogs but I must admit that I enjoy them quite immensely.  Blogs challenge and engage me in a unique way that only a blog could.  Through a blog I get a glimpse at people I already know and I also get a glimpse at people I hold great respect for and one day hope to know on a personal level.  I get to see various viewpoints and ideologies allowing me to broaden my worldview and deepen my faith.   

I usually spend Wednesday morning sifting through some of my favorite blogs.  It’s the middle of the week and usually, after a busy Monday and Tuesday, it settles my nerves before I move forward with the rest of my day. You see, I don’t just read blogs for the entertainment value but also for the learning experience. No one has seen or done it all including me and learning from the experiences of others, especially when it comes to ministry, is an invaluable opportunity.  

Yesterday as I was following out my Wed. morning blog ritual when I found a few interesting and encouraging sentences on Pastor Steven Furtick’s blog that I wanted to share with you.  As a young pastor, with a growing church, Steven and his staff at Elevation are no strangers to controversy.  When it comes to controversy the Steven has a different take than most:

“Controversy is a sign of progress.  Controversy is a sign of impact.  Controversy is a precursor to promotion.  And a training ground for greater things. If you want to be like Christ, expect controversy. And when it comes, don’t fight it.  Ride it.  Pray through it.  Learn from it. Celebrate it. And watch God use it to elevate you to your next level.”

In the early stages of CP we are already getting used to handling our own share of flack and Steven’s thoughts on this matter helped encourage me a great deal. I share similar thoughts with our team on a regular basis but seeing it from someone else who has been through it all before helps remind me that were not alone nor or we walking on uncharted waters.  

Whether your a pastor, leader, or simply a person struggling with issues in your personal life I hope this encourages you.    



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