Guitar Praise…Seriously…

Ok so apparently there is now a “Christian” version of Guitar Hero called Guitar Praise. Instead of jamming to The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Pearl Jam, you know the fun stuff, you now get Toby Mac, Newsboys and Stellar Kart…can somebody say Praise Jesus!  

Apparently the company that made this game, ironically known as Christian Game Makers, have quite a history and a future. Before Guitar Praise they countered the popular Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with Dance Praise. After a recent interview with a gaming reviewer Christian Game Makers CEO Tom Bean explored the possibility of making a “Christian” version of Grand Theft Auto.  Seriously? I mean, I’m sure somebody will buy this stuff but I find it really hilarious!  I have copied a link to the interview below for your own reading pleasure.



One thought on “Guitar Praise…Seriously…

  1. Matt Kysor says:

    Does Wal-Mart carry this?
    We get a discount there.

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