Many of you likely remember my post several weeks ago in regards to whether or not Centerpoint was an emergent church. In case you do not allow me to recap my original conclusion on this issue:

“Based on the original definition of what it means to be emergent Centerpoint is at heart an Emerging Church.  We will find creative ways to discuss cultural issues and topics and connect these areas to our faith in the same way Jesus did throughout His time here on earth.  By doing this we hope the love and peace of Christ will “come into view” for a culture desperately in need of a hope only Jesus can offer.”

In the Sept. 2008 issue of Christianity Today in an article examining Brian McLaren’s theology and the future of the Emergent Church author and speaker Scot McKnight makes a similar distinction that I felt was worth noting especially after reading the article personally and seeing a post on Dan Kimballs blog about the same issue.  You can read McKnight’s comments below and hopefully it will further clarify Centerpoints position on this issue

I maintain a crucial distinction between two related streams: emergent and the broader emerging movement. Emergent is crystallized in Emergent Village and its leaders Brian McLaren, Tony Jones, and Doug Pagitt. Emerging is a mix of orthodox, missional, evangelical, church-centered and social justice leaders and lay folk. When I think of this broader emerging movement, I think of Dan Kimball at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, Dave Dunbar at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch and their book The Shaping of Things To Come, and Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz.”

People are becoming more and more aware of the necessary distinction between “Emergent” and “Emerging” churches and we are one of those.  We value many ideas and thoughts from people on both sides but we also understand the need for people to see more clarity on these issues and how it connects to Centerpoint. As we continue in our future we will always be willing and open to questions and discussions regarding our beliefs.  I hope this serves some of you as a step in clarifying our position.



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