Chase the Goose!

Often times in ones life, including my own, we need reminded of the little things.  We get so focused and consumed by simply “doing life” that we forget what living on this earth is all about.  From the moment of creation we were created for something more than what we see, feel and experience on earth.  We were created to be in relationship with something and someone bigger than ourselves.  Many of us have found that relationship but the adventure should not stop there.  Life as a Follower of Christ is a life meant to be full of adventure and a life spent Chasing the Wild Goose.

Responsibility–Routine–Assumptions–Guilt–Failure–Fear.  These are all things we can relate to in our everyday life and according to Batterson these are the six cages that keep us from chasing the goose and living a life full of adventure.  By sharing his own personal experiences and offering biblical and practical solutions for change the reader sees how to escape from the cage of life and pursue the life God originally created us for.

Early in the book Batterson makes a connection between the zoo and the church that as a Pastor I found as a wake-up call.  By going through the motions week after week has the church removed the sense danger, risk and struggle just as the zoo has done to animals?  By striving to make people so comfortable in the church environment it is possible that church has become part of the problem by making people less adventurous and participatory in pursing a life in Christ.

Although I connected with each of these cages I was personally challenged the most by Marks discussion on the cage of “responsibility.  I assume many of the people who know me would describe me as a responsible person and although this is seen as a good thing by many I realized after reading this book that it has actually restricted me at times from living my Christain life to the fullest.  The Christian life requires faith and sometimes faith goes against our, or in this case my, innate desire to be responsible.  When God tells us to do something we have to be willing to do it regardless of how crazy it seems.  We pray so much waiting for sings from God but Batterson reminds us that often times “signs follow faith”. While we look for direction God is telling us to walk on the water first and allow the signs to follow.  The beauty of a life filled with faith is the realization that, on our own, we cannot accomplish the plans God has for us and in order for Gods plans to be fulfilled we must strive to become responsibly irresponsible.

What’s your cage?  We all have one and they keep us from pursuing the adventure God created us for.  Wild Goose Chase will open your heart and mind towards welcoming adventure in your life and realizing that a life unfulfilled is a life without Christ and a life with Christ is a ride unlike anything we can experience on this earth in our own strength.  Read this book and Chase the Goose!




2 thoughts on “Chase the Goose!

  1. Matt says:

    too easy –

    Anyway, for me, it’d be a combination of cages. Routine & risk of failure probably top the list. In fact, I probably stay in the routine in order to not fail. However, this limits chasing the goose, or whatever that really means, guess I need to really read the book. Where can I get a free copy?

    Though, I respectfully will not accept the book if this is how you chose to pass on the other copy.

  2. Jeremy Gross says:

    I think it is easy to get in a routine and hard to get out of one. I beleive for me, this would be the hardest cage to break free from. How do you change things that are broken or worse how to stop something successful because God is no longer in it. 7 last words of a dying church, “We’ve never done it that way before.” Change needs to happen and it can’t if we are stuck in a routine.

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