The video you see below is a find I credit to Johnny (AKA-CP creative guy) found on Friday and ever since I viewed it I haven’t been able to get the tune, or the words, out of my head! The band is Sonseed and the song is Jesus is my Friend.  I did some research and it seems this thing is 100% legit which makes it even better!    

The video was shot back in the 70’s on a non-denominational religious program called “The First Estate” and was shown locally on a NBC affiliate from New York.  I’m sure it was a raging success.

This thing will make you smile and laugh if nothing else so click below and let a little sunshine or Sonseed into your day.  



One thought on “Sonseed

  1. Jeremy Gross says:

    “Jesus is like a mountie, He always gets His man…”

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