In the Books!

With the prayers, help and extra effort of many our first Preview Service on Sunday night went off without any major setbacks and CP is officially under way!  We had about 50 attendees + our volunteers and kids which is about what we expected for our first go around.  

The feedback afterwards was positive and we seemed to really start building relationships with some people who were inquisitive about Centerpoint.  Everything over the past couple of months has happened so fast that on Monday morning it almost seemed unbelievable that it was all over. 

Three more of these things before we launch full-time in January and I understand now why these Preview Services are as much for us as CP as they are for our guests.  We have a lot of room for improvement!

In the near future Johnny will post the audio from Sunday night on the web-site so you can download and listen to it at your leisure.  We will also get a YouTube page up and going so you can see the video intro Johnny designed as well.  I will let you know when that happens so you can check it all out.   

Thanks for all of your prayers and support leading up to this thing.  Centerpoint would not be possible without you.  Keep it up!        



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