Taking Bullets

As a leader I have regular moments where I am humbled by the people around me who God has placed in my life and none more recent than this Sunday night

As you have likely seen from previous blog posts, and even our web-site if you visit, the topic for our first Preview Service is somewhat controversial.  Any time you put a religious picture of Jesus with a swear word beside it, you tend to have a somewhat negative reaction. 

First there are a few key things you need to understand about our decision to do this: 

  1. This idea was birthed out of a real-life story where that phrase was used to describe a persons experience with church.
  2. We want to be real with people and tackle issues head on showing an understanding for where they’re coming from.
  3. Although our methods may seem too real and extreme for some, our message will always be to communicate the grace, love and hope of Christ.

Although the reaction from our supporting churches, and even several leaders in the community, have been positive, there will always be a couple of people who don’t quite understand what we’re trying to do.  We found out Sunday night that several people in our Launch Team had taken flack for our edgy topic choice.  People had questioned them about CP’s morality, spirituality, and even our philosophy on ministry.

As a leadership team we have spent the past two months communicating Centerpoint’s vision and philosophy to our Launch Team.  Like many who have gone before us, we always wondered how much of what we were saying was really connecting.  From the beginning, we prayed for people who would understand the vision so much that they would stand strong even in the midst of controversy because they know our hearts and the vision God has called us to fulfill. 

Sunday night our leadership team found out we had those people we had been praying for.  As their family and friends questioned our motives behind closed doors, these individuals stood up for what God has called us to do and, in the best way they could, explained the heartbeat behind what we’re doing and why we’re being so extreme with our methods. 

Not everyone they talked to got what Centerpoint was about and, although unfortunate, that’s also just reality.  Each one of these individuals seemed resilient and unshaken by what they had encountered and were excited about what God was going to do through Centerpoint and how they would be a part of that process. 

They say a good leader is only as good as the people he puts around him and as we get ready to show Centerpoint to the world I feel encouraged and humbled by who God has placed in my life.   



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