It has been nearly 8-Months since the Buckeyes last football game and as many of you know it didn’t exactly go like us Ohioans wanted it to.  Well my friends, as the OSU marching band gets tuned up to perform Script Ohio, and the Buckeyes get ready to run out of the tunnel, a new season of football is truly upon us and you won’t find many people more excited about it than yours truly.

This is the year the Buckeyes get redemption! This year the Buckeyes have another player win the Heisman!  This year the Buckeyes thump Mich#*@% again and this year the Buckeyes will close the deal!

Tomorrow from 12-3pm my eyes will be fixated on the TV as OSU routes Youngstown State by at least 28+ and begins another campaign towards the title game in January.  Fall is here my friends and fall = football!

One last thing…O-H-I-O!!!!! 



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