Alive – Well & Amazed!

We got in Dallas around 8:30pm last night and were sleeping like babies shortly after midnight.  Johnny and Thomas (Church T Staffer) had some pre-conference labs this morning so this afternoon Nathaniel (my Bro) and I slept in and then saw the sights.    

We had read that the Dallas Galleria Shopping Center was ranked by USA Today as one of the Top 10 places in America to shop…we would agree. Four stories complete with a functioning and real ice skating rank and more designer stores than most of you, including me, have ever heard of.  Pretty amazing.

We had our conference registration between 4-5pm which is where were at right now. The facility here at the host church is amazing!  It is right in the downtown in the business district and looks more like a performing arts center than it does a church, which is a good thing in my mind.  They are getting ready to feed us dinner and then we get the privilege of listening to Mark Batterson speak tonight.

I will post pics on my flickr page in the near future so keep checking back.  That’s all for now – time to eat.          



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