Creativity vs. Substance

Today I had lunch with a friend of mine.  Like many people our age, including myself, he had lost interest in church and questioned what purpose it served in relation to his every day life and even his personal faith.  As we began to talk he gave me several reasons he felt people our age had left the church.  One of first things he referenced was people’s utter desire in our culture to be entertained.  People socialize to be entertained, party to be entertained, go the movies to be entertained, and he felt the lack of creativity in many church circles had resulted in a loss of interest. 

My friend agreed that although entertainment was good it could not be the sole focus of the church.  If entertainment is the primary purpose you end up with a cool church where people are entertained but cannot grow spirituality.  A cool church can be created by anyone with a good marketing sense but the Christian faith is so much more.  Through discussion my friend seemed to determine that church needs both creativity and substance. 

Who better to look at for an example than Jesus.  Using parables and creative illustrations Jesus engaged the culture connecting His message to their everyday life.  The Bible has answers to the questions people are asking but it will only reach them if we learn to connect it in a unique and creative way.  This means engaging culture not ignoring it. 

Church should be entertaining and creative but at heart it must have a message that communicates the gospel of Christ.  Failure to do so will result in nothing more than an empty feeling and emotion, which the world already has plenty of.



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