False Advertising

Don’t you hate the infomercials that showcase products you know cant possibly work like the ad says they can?  It would be my guess that these types of products, more than any other type of product, are sued for false advertising.  Although they may statistically have the market on false advertising I have recently begin wondering if we, as followers of Christ, don’t actually have the market on this area.

We make constant claims about loving others, caring for the world around us, and serving as Jesus served, but do we really do it?  Do we truly love the unlovable? Do we care about the world around us by feeling bad or do we reach out and act upon the despair we see?  Do we serve without question always or when it fits into our schedule?

These are serious questions I have been asking myself since the middle of last week.  I had a conversation with a young man who, like many young adults, had been jaded by the church.  He has had a tough life and although he loves Jesus, he told me he had yet to find a church that accepted him just like he was.  As we parted ways I promised him he could come to centerpoint just like he was and we would love and accept him where he was at regardless of his personal circumstances.  Only after promising this did I realize the profound nature and high commitment level I had just placed upon myself, and the people of CP. 

Our creative guy, Johnny Ropple, is currently reading Church Marketing 101 and in the book the author discusses the false advertising many churches and Christians make.  The author attempts to show his reader that as follower of Christ we often say we do things but in reality we don’t truly do them like we claim.  He points out that this is false advertising, which destroys the name of the greatest person of all, Jesus Christ.

Immediately after ending my conversation with this young man I was completely broken and asked God not to allow anyone to walk through the doors of CP until we can back up our claim of being a church that is uniquely different and passionately real.  I ask you to do the same thing in your life.  Let God break us daily until we can back up the principles and characteristics we are supposed to exude as a Follower of Christ.  Nobody is interested in a product that gets busted for false advertising and nobody is interested in being a Follower of Christ if they don’t see people sincerely striving to live like Him.           



One thought on “False Advertising

  1. Anthony Washburn says:

    Chris, wow. Let me just say that I’m so happy for you and your family. I’m so glad that I got to know you over the years we spent at greenville. Every now and then I remember Centerpoint and then instinctively run over to the computer to check your blog and your progress. And I am continually inspired by you and what you are trying to accomplish. I guess I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the awesome work and tell Kristyn and Aubri I said hello.

    Christ’s peace,

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