You should know that I am an advocate and promoter of unity within the Church.  This should be evident even by various posts I have made since this blogs inception several months ago.  I base this advocacy on John 17:20-26.  Jesus is praying a prayer of unity and oneness over those who claim to be His followers. By ONEness Jesus does not mean that we should all look the same, act the same, and be the same but rather that we should set aside our differences and focus on the one thing that unites us; our love for Christ and our desire to see others find that same love. 

This past Sunday at church I was personally challenged by a message from Craig Groeschel as part of the ONE Prayer Campaign.  His prayer was simply “Lord make us (the church) ONE.”  Working behind the scenes in preparation for the service, and knowing its content I went in to church with the mindset that everyone else needed to hear this message hoping they would see they had been judging and critiquing other churches and Christians simply because they do things differently. 

As I listened to Craig’s teaching I quickly realized it was me who needed to hear the message more than anyone.  The entire reason God called Kristyn and I to plant this church was because people Southern Ohio needed something unique, something different, and something passionately real.  What I failed to realize was that my way, just because its unique and different, doesn’t make it the only way nor does it make everyone else’s way wrong.  In a short amount of time I had nearly become the same type of person I had critiqued other Christians for being: arrogant, self-righteous, and prideful.

The world is made up of diverse and unique groups of people and as Christians we must realize that our churches should be no different.  There are no one-size fits all formula for doing church.  Although we may be separated by various views, beliefs and expressions we should be united by our common goal to reach the world around us for Christ.  Next time you think somebody is doing it wrong stop, look a little closer, and you will probably see they are doing the main thing right.  



2 thoughts on “ONE

  1. Jody says:

    Christopher- Do you have a location for your church?
    I’m so excited for Centerpoint! I come to your blog to see if there’s crumb of info I grab onto!! Centerpoint is right up my alley. GOD Bless you all!

    Ps: Pertaining to the Coldplay review: If you’ve ever listened to the group Leeland, you can unmistakenly hear the coldplay influence. They are a talented group of guys.

  2. centerpointchris says:


    We will be located at 2077 Western Ave. – It’s the old Cinema 6 building. We will be having our first launch team meeting this Sunday at 6pm if your interested. It is for people who want to get plugged in now to help get stuff ready for our launch Sept. 7th

    As for Leeland…love them! They are great musicians and Leeland is a great songwriter.

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