A Long, Long Time Ago…

…I actually made a blog post!  Again, you will have to forgive the great length between my recent blog posts.  We are now 10 days away from graduation and there has been a lot going on.  Let me do my best to catch you up to speed.

Exponential:  This conference was simple amazing!  We were with over 3,000 other church planters and leaders from around the globe all there with the common goal of reaching this generation for Christ.  The CP team took a lot away from this one!  In some ways we realized we were right on track but we also realized there were several aspects of church planting we hadn’t yet considered mainly involving the post-launch.  We had too many great speakers to pick favorites but in the main sessions I really enjoyed but Andy Stanly, Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson were probably my favorite.  Thanks to all of you who supported this trip both financially and through your prayers. 

The Family:  Kristyn, Aubri and Lu Lu are all doing great!  Aubri is growing like a leaf and she is truly the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!  Kristyn, much like me, is simply awaiting graduation and being an amazing wife and mom along the way.  I have been so busy lately with meetings, projects, and CP stuff that it has been a challenge to find quality family time.  I am not a pro at this but I encourage all of you to make sure you value the time you have with your family and always find a way to make more time placing them above everything else.

The House: That’s right it looks like the VanB’s have found a home!  When we were back in town a couple of weeks ago we used some of that time to look for a house.  We had some neighborhoods we liked but few of them seemed to fit in our price range.  Thanks to a great friend who put us in contact with a local flipper we were able to find a place that seems almost perfect…after a little work J Just keep this whole thing in your prayers.  It is pretty much a done deal but you never know what might come up along the way.    

AgapeFest: I have always enjoyed a wide variety of music and dabbling in concert promotion was second nature for me early on in my high-school years.  Greenville College is home to the Agape Music Festival, which draws over 5,000 people annually.  The festival is a 2-day event that happens right here in Greenville, IL and is run almost entirely by GC students.  I have been a part of the festival since coming here in 2004 and this year served on the cabinet as the Artist Relations Director.  Essentially, this means I got to help book, contact and manage all of the festivals talent for 2008.  This year we had The David Crowder Band on Friday night and Relient K on Saturday with a lot of other great bands that played during the day.  Weather is always an issue for the festival and although we had high winds both days it was dry when the artists played and that was a nice change of pace.  Concert promotion will always be a part of who I am so don’t be surprised if you see some pretty cool bands hitting Southern Ohio in the future. 

Conclusion:  I hit the highlights so hopefully you feel caught up with what you’ve missed over the last few weeks.  I should be honest now and tell you that with graduation and a move back to Ohio right around the corner my posts may not be as regular as I would like.  I will do my best not to take another three-week hiatus so keep checking back.  Thanks again for all of your prayers and support as we get ready to make such a major transition.  


One thought on “A Long, Long Time Ago…

  1. Karen says:

    I saw Christopher and Kristyn in action at Agape…They both did an amazing job! Kristyn was over Hospitality(key element when your an artist and hungry) Christopher is truly in his element around the stage and artist. I for one am looking forward to seeing him in action again, in Chillicothe… He really has a gift doing this job. He is a natural.. Great job you two! We will be waiting for you to bring us some great bands to worship Jesus with…

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