Sunny Orlando!

The Exponential Conference starts tomorrow here in Orlando Florida and I am pleased to report the CP Crew arrived safe and sound this afternoon!  We are minus one member, but considering his wife is 36+ weeks pregnant we figured he had a good reason for missing. 

The flight was great and despite out late arrival for our departing flight, our checked baggage met us on time in Orlando.  The weather is great and is supposes to stay sunny, with temperatures between 82-85 all week. 

Please keep us in your prayers throughout the week.  First, pray for Matt and his wife Amber back in Ohio.  That her pregnancy would continue to go well and the baby would be born healthy and strong.  Also pray for the conference speakers, the volunteers helping to make this thing happen, our safety, and most importantly that our hearts and minds would be open to all God desires us to see and hear.

I am sure it will be an eventful few days and I will do my best to keep you updated.  Thank you all for your prayers and support that have gotten us this far.  Bigger things are yet to come!



One thought on “Sunny Orlando!

  1. jeremy gross says:

    It was great hanging with you boys in o-town!

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