CP Update

Among the many things I post on this blog I like to keep you all updated on the progress of centerpoint.  You might remember a few weeks ago when I let you all know that we would be presenting our 18month budget to a potential donor and that this would be the first of many presentations to come.  Well, that presentation went really well and we were able to secure a financial commitment that will cover 30% of our proposed budget!

Financial support continues to come in on a consistent basis and it reminds us daily that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.  God called and we listened.  There is not a more rewarding experience in life than placing everything in Gods hands and allowing him to guide and direct.  Never in a million years did I think Kristyn & I would end up back in Chillicothe and definitely not as church planters, but God had different plans and he is continually opening doors to show us we are moving in the right direction, His direction.

Along with the financial support I have an amazing team of individuals who are helping establish the nuts and bolts of this ministry (Nate, Johnny & Matt).  From business plans to bylaws, web-sites to letterheads this group of people have caught the vision for this ministry and have dedicated their time and energy into making things happen.  When God calls someone He rarely expects them to follow the vision alone and I am thankful that He continues to send passionate people our way.

Kristyn and I are now two months away from finishing school and moving back to Chillicothe and five months away from our first service at centerpoint.  With a little girl and dog in tow we are excited about what the future holds.  Change is coming and we are excited to be a part of it! 



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