Random Fact #5

One of my favorite pastimes is…being a fan!  In the spirit of March Madness, and the fact that I am only one game back from the leader, my brother, in our family bracket I felt it appropriate to present this random fact. 

Being from Ohio, I am also a big hometown fan.  I love my Buckeyes, Reds, Cavs and Bengals!  From one season to the next I am a fan, a big fan!  I follow all things Ohio sports and I am always up for watching or attending a good game.  It might be helpful to note that my wife is a big fan as well which makes my love for sports all the more enjoyable. 

The Bucks just snagged Terrelle Pryor, the number one football recruit in the nation, the Reds start a promising season next Monday, the Cavs look to be a lock for the playoffs and the Bengals…unfortunately they’re still the Bengals. 

Just this past weekend Kristyn and I picked a date to take Aubri to her first Reds game and I couldn’t be more excited!  Going to the ballpark is one of the many things I hope Aubri will learn to enjoy as much as her mom and dad.

It might be my competitive nature or it might simply be my love for entertainment.  Either way I enjoy nearly all things sports.  





2 thoughts on “Random Fact #5

  1. Matt says:

    unfortunately there still the Bengals.

    CLASSIC – Go Browns!

  2. Aaron Hines says:

    I must admit that same line got a chuckle out of me, too & like Matt I must say, “GO BROWNS!”

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