Vote for my Mom!

After being nominated for the Columbus Woman of the Year Award, along with several hundred other women, my mom (Jeannette VanBuskirk) was recently notified that she is a top ten finalist.  Along with each woman’s individual accomplishments and achievements, the winner is based primarily on the number of votes they receive and this is where you come in. 

If you click the link below you will be re-directed to the Columbus Woman of the Year finalist page.  Scroll to the bottom until you see Jeannette VanBuskirk, click the “vote for her” link, follow the brief instructions, and submit your vote.  You can vote once a day until March 31st so do me a favor and visit this page once a day for the next 11 days and vote.  Although she would never say it, my mom is more worthy of this award than anyone I know and I would love it if you could help her win it! 



One thought on “Vote for my Mom!

  1. JEV says:

    Son, you’re too much! Thanks for pulling for me and thanks to any of your readers who take the time to vote. And, thanks to you and Kristyn for giving me the privilege of being a grandma once again. She’s adorable!

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