Baby Aubri Update

The second full day with Aubri is nearly complete and although mommy, daddy and nana are tired it has been amazing!  Our lives have been changed forever but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  This entire process has overwhelmed me in a way I simply cannot describe with words.  The love I feel towards my wife and child is a love I never knew I could experience.  When I look into Aubri’s eyes I see a reflection of something greater than myself, greater than my wife, and greater than life itself.  This reflection is an intricate and beautiful painting only God could create and I feel blessed that he used Kristyn and I to paint it.    



One thought on “Baby Aubri Update

  1. Aaron Hines says:

    I must admit Christopher that you have tried to put into words something I have experienced now 4 times. Like I told Rachel the day before Aric was born, It never gets old, only better & more intense.

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