Random Fact #4

I may have a new favorite candy. Monday at our local grocery store here in G-Ville I saw a display that was quite intriguing to me.  It was a package of M&M’s but the package was red, what could this be, I asked myself?  As I walked closer I saw the picture of a cherry clearly displayed on the packaging and my interest level continued to rise.  Could it be, I said?  Has M&M actually taken one of my favorite fruit & chocolate combinations and combined them…are these cherry M&M’s?  YES!!!! I grabbed two packs and was overwhelmed to show my wife, who thought I was acting slightly nuts considering it was just candy.  But as soon as I tasted these Wildly Cherry M&M’s I realized that it was not just candy…it was bliss & I have purchased two more packs since then.  M&M has just made the world a better place!




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