Over the weekend, I was in Saint Louis having a great evening with some friends as part of a class assignment.  Somehow, on our drive back, the topic of church came up.  Before I go any further, I guess it would be helpful to tell you that the ages of the people in the car ranged from 19-26.

As we talked, the ride seemed to turn into more of a group therapy session for individuals who, like many followers my age, love Jesus but have a strong discontent for what the church has become.  This was a group of people who feel called to follow the example and life of Christ, and yet see many things the church is doing that are inconsistent with the way He lived His life and called us to live as His followers.    

As they continued to express their opinions and feelings, I began to realize that this was a special group of people.  A group of people who see a generation, their generation, my generation, that is, disillusioned by religion but long for relationship.  A generation who questions and seeks truth but rarely finds it.  A generation that needs the same message every generation before them has needed but with the use of different methods.

While many people in this age group are leaving church because of their frustrations this group was not about to back down.  By taking a stance, they seemed to recognize that the same criticism Jesus faced from the religious leaders of His day might also come their way, but they didn’t care.  This group saw that their people, my people, must know about the truth we have found and who would tell them if we back down? Who would God send if we refuse to go? 

Many in our generation have been been led to believe that people who challenge the status-quo of the evangelical community are simply rebels, using faith as our cause.  In my mind, Jesus was the most rebellious person whoever walked the face of the earth, so if this is what people see in us let them see it.  If this is what people think we are, let them think it and I only pray they are right!  No one ever sparked a revolution by doing things the same way they had been done before. 

I listen to the conversations and the hearts of my friends and I have hope.  I have hope that God is using our generation to bring about a change unlike anything we have every seen!  Right now, we are viewed by many in our society as the most insignificant generation the world has ever seen.  Throughout scripture God seems to enjoy using the most insignificant of people to accomplish the most significant of things.  My prayer is that this will be no different. 



One thought on “Insignificant

  1. johnnyropple says:

    Enter CENTERPOINT. I can’t wait.

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