Random Fact #3

As I sit in my living room before heading to church on this beautiful but chilled Sunday morning, I realize it is the perfect time to announce Random Fact #3…I Like Coffee!  To be honest this is a fairly recent development.  I have always enjoyed a nice cup of joe but since the end of last year, I have switched from an occasional drinker to a frequent drinker.  I try to keep it between 2-3 per day but well see how that goes.  Despite the humorous picture below I actually don’t get a big buzz off caffeine.  I could drink coffee at 10:30pm and be in bed, asleep by 11pm.  I am blessed that way I suppose.  I can promise you one thing; If any of you visit centerpoint there will be coffee…lot’s of coffee! 




3 thoughts on “Random Fact #3

  1. Matt says:

    So good to hear centerpoint will be a coffee friendly place. I started right after Isaiah’s born. I’m sure there’s a relationship between coffee and babies and finishing school. Take care!

  2. Karen says:

    What other forms of caffeine will Centerpoint offer? I noticed Metro offers flavored teas, and Lifepoint offers colas…. along with coffee, and donuts. You will be right down the street from Chrispie Creme Donut Shop, is this in your budget?

  3. npturner says:

    I feel better when I drink hot tea.
    I feel worse when I drink hot coffee.
    I feel worse when I drink iced tea.
    I feel better when I drink iced coffee.

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