Belated Introduction

Since the inception of this blog a couple of weeks ago you have learned a few things about my vision, theology and thought process.  Although I am sure these things are terribly interesting to all of you I must be honest and admit that I do not feel I have introduced myself very well, but all of that is about to change. 

For the next couple of weeks I will be posting some random facts about myself so you will get to know a little more about Christopher the person, instead of Christopher the future pastor.  This list will include everything from food, and hobbies to interests and gadgets.  Whether you think you know me or not I promise to keep it interesting and I promise you will learn something about me you did not know.  Hope you enjoy! 



One thought on “Belated Introduction

  1. Jeremy Gross says:

    Have you guys figured out where you are staying when you come to Orlando for the Exponential Conference? We need to meet up when you are here. I am going all by my lonesome, so maybe I can sit with you guys at the conference.

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