Life Is Not Fair

I apologize for the long delay between my previous posts but it has been a long week.  After battling 3 bouts with cancer my dad went on to be with his savior early last Tuesday morning.  My wife and I left Greenville immediately and traveled back to Ohio to spend the week with family and close friends.  So many people were praying, asking God to heal my dad and give him the miracle he so desperately needed and desired.  My dad didn’t think his work was done here and many people felt for sure he would be healed and fully restored.  So the question many ask is why?  Why did God choose not to heal my father? 

I received an e-mail last week from a member of my family that I felt brought a great deal of closer to the situation for me and I wanted to share that e-mail with all of you.  I also realize I am not the only one with questions nor am I the only one who has experienced the loss of a loved one.  Whatever your situation let these words speak to your heart. 

“As I’m praying and in some odd state of sadness, peace, and joy the thought that “life is really not fair” runs through my mind. There’s so much that didn’t happen, so much left for Eric to do, so much left to see. I just kept saying how unfair life is. Then it hit me. Life is not fair. Your father left a great legacy and as great as he is, on his own, it was still not enough to continue his relationship with Jesus as he’s doing today. If life was fair no one would have earned the right to continue on this journey. I just want to encourage you that when you feel life isn’t fair, thank God that it isn’t. Thank God he shows us mercy and grace and that we don’t get what we deserve.”  




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