First, you will notice I now have someone on my blogroll.  His name is Johnny Ropple and he is the fellow that designed the centerpoint logo and will potentially be moving to Chillicothe in June to become the Creative Director at CP.  I encourage you to check out his blog when you get a second.  You will enjoy.

If you haven’t read my entry from yesterday (SEX), then you need to read that before you read what follows in this post. For those of you that did read yesterdays post, you know that I had the opportunity last night to speak at a Greenville College student-led service known as Vespers.  I said I would give you a recap of the evening and post some pictures so I am doing just that.

To be honest, the night couldn’t have gone much better.  We started out with some awesome worship and then I talked about…SEX!!!!!  The audience seemed really engaged, but when your talking about the positive side of sex it’s not that difficult to keep anyone’s attention.

As I alluded to yesterday, so many “Christians” choose to focus their sex talks on the perversion of culture and all the negatives.  I am in a generation of people who are sick of hearing the negatives and want to hear about the positives and this is especially true with sex.  I know both Christians and non-Christians who sense there must be something more than the simple act of sex itself and that it has to be something good and not bad.

The reaction I received last night confirmed all of these assumptions and more.  I had several people come up to me afterwards and thank me for talking about something in a way nobody else does.  Our spirituality and sexuality are divinely linked and following God’s blueprint brings both physical and spiritual satisfaction only He can provide.   The world makes sex look so appealing and attractive because it is, but as Christians we have a piece of the puzzle they can’t offer, a piece that brings oneness with God and our spouse.



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