The Journey Begins…

This being the first post, I wanted to give you a brief rundown of what kind of content you can expect to see here on a weekly basis.  Before we get started, I promise regular updates so bookmark this page and check it frequently if you enjoy.  As for the kind of stuff I will post here let me give you a step-by-step rundown.

 1) This blog will be about faith:

As a follower of Christ my faith impacts every area of my life and whether you are a believer or just checking things out I want to share my journey with you.  Faith is not stagnant and it isn’t something that you can believe in without acting on.  Faith helps me see things differently and I hope to share with you how these differences impact my life, my views and my perceptions.     

2) This blog will be about life:

I love life, I love everything about it and I want to share my experiences with you.  Sometimes this will mean simply telling you a funny story about something that happened during my day, while other times we will dialogue about serious issues that raise questions in my own mind and in the minds of many others.  When I read the New Testament I see Jesus spending more time talking about life than He did anything else and you will probably find the same thing on this blog.  From his daily teachings with the crowds to his nightly chat backs with the disciples Jesus knew that life was what we had been given for now and learning to view life through the eyes of faith would make all the difference in the world. 

3) This blog will be about culture:

One of the biggest things that divides the church is culture.  While many followers of Christ think we should rid ourselves of anything labeled un-Christian others feel the most effective way to reach a culture is to engage it.  I will tell you from the start that I am in the second of these two camps.  When I look at the life of Jesus I see a man who willingly got involved in the culture in which He lived and made friends with people who the religious leaders saw as unfit, unclean, unworthy and sinful.  I see a church that by in large has strayed from the message of Christ, making people “fit” their mold for what a Christian must look and act like before they can join the club.  “Come as you are” to many churches means wear jeans and t-shirts but to me it means bring all of your junk, all of your problems, all of your sins and I will show you that I was the same sinner saved by grace and that you can have the same.  We cannot reach the culture if we do not understand and engage it.

4) This blog will be interactive: 

I will rant, and rave, make jokes and make challenges from this blog on a daily basis.  On many blogs people simply read the posts and move on but I want this blog to be different.  I want us to dialogue together.  If you question something I write then ask it.  If you want to challenge or re-emphasize something I have said then do it.  I want you to be a part of this process and to me questioning is one of the biggest ways we grow in our faith.  It is unhealthy to only see one perspective and surround ourselves with people who think exactly as we think.  Lets challenge, question and grow together.

 5) This blog will be about centerpoint:    

I am sure most, if not all of you, know by now that Kristyn and I, along with lots of help and prayer from family and friends, will be launching a church (centerpoint) in Chillicothe, OH on September 7th of this year (notice the finished logo above).  As we begin to take major steps towards making this vision a reality we want to keep you updated on how things are going.  God has already done some amazing things and we want you to be a part of this.  As things continue to happen this will be the first place to find out about them.  We hope more than anything that you will keep this ministry in your thoughts and prayers.    



4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

  1. Jeff Miller says:

    Wahoo, first to post ( I think ), so happy for you Christopher, God is working up a miracle in southern Ohio, I know, I got seats close to the event. Miracles…..first blog topic…..were living one…!!

  2. Aaron Hines says:

    I am so excited for this adventure God has you on. I know that He has great plans in store for you. Praying for everything that is going on right now continually. I love your approach to this ministry. Keep it real.

  3. Karen Rolfe says:

    Christopher very proud of you and Kristyn for allowing God to lead you in this very unfamiliar territory. I like your approach… keeping it real, I’m convinced, like you that Jesus was REAL, no mask… I’m looking forward to your blogs and I really liked your last comment about not just hanging around people who only think just like I think…hmmm. See, you’ve already gotten me thinking.

  4. Jeannette says:

    I’m with the others – proud of you both and excited about centeroint. I have no doubt this ministry will have great impact in Chilli. Keep prayed up and ready cause I have a feeling you’re about to embark on a great ride! Hug your girls for me & gramps.

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